Burchielli? “Boor-Kee-Elly”. As the name suggests, I was born in Italy, and it was there that I spent my formative years. I did many things for work, but the natural beauty of my homeland made photography something of a necessity to learn and practice with.

While on a trip to California in 2006, I met a beautiful woman named Nicole and fell in love. We had children, and after years of here and there, we finally settled here in California.

I sharpened my skills with the camera and quickly developed enough of a local reputation to be offered a position as a photographer with Rees Real Estate Photography. In my multi-year stay at this company, I have met and worked with a number of very talented photo & video experts. 

About Me


Marco Burchielli would never have imagined that a poor SLR, received as a gift at the age of 23, would have given him such a powerful tool to read himself inside and would have been able to appease that creative “itch” that he had been feeling for some time. Marco sees photography as a means of expression, even before it is an art. He firmly believes in images as a vehicle of communication, rather than purely aesthetic.

This is the key-concept that you will find in his shots, immature and instinctive when photography was still mainly a hobby for him, elaborate and technically mature in the most advanced phase of his career.

Marco moved to the States in 2007 where he had the opportunity to collaborate with prestigious names on the international scene and photographic studios specialized in different fields. Thus he ventured into fashion, wedding and sport shooting.

California and its unique landscapes have framed its latest images that represent a lucid, in love but severe gaze on the USA and its thousand-beautiful contradictions.



Marco Burchielli non avrebbe mai immaginato che una reflex scadente, ricevuta in regalo all’età di 23 anni, gli avrebbe dato uno strumento così potente per leggersi dentro e sarebbe riuscita a placare quel “prurito” creativo che da tempo si sentiva addosso. Marco vede la fotografia come mezzo di espressione, prima ancora che come arte. Usa l’immagine come veicolo di comunicazione, non solo come pura estetica.

Questo il key-concept che ritroverete nei suoi scatti, acerbi e istintivi quando ancora la fotografia era principalmente per lui un hobby, elaborati e tecnicamente maturi nella fase più avanzata della sua carriera.

Marco trasferisce nel 2007 negli States dove ha modo di collaborare con nomi prestigiosi del panorama internazionale e studi fotografici specializzati in ambiti differenti. Si cimenta così nel fashion, wedding e sport shooting.

La California e i suoi paesaggi unici hanno fatto da cornice alle sue ultime immagini che rappresentano uno sguardo lucido, innamorato ma severo, sugli USA e le sue mille-belle contraddizioni.

Marco Burchielli

Professional Photographer

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